Misty Lambrecht Public Speaker

Misty Lambrecht is the Small Business Management Program Coordinator at the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) located on the campus of Oregon Coast Community College in Newport.


Misty is a fantastic Instructor who is able to break down a complicated subject and teach it to a varied group of students. I find her style concise, informative, and inclusive for all. I walked away from her class with greater knowledge than I entered and am able to navigate a new subject on my own. I have been on Board with Misty and dealt with her in the professional realm for many years and always find her to be easy to work with and knowledgeable.

Daniella Crowder

Owner of Bicycle Events & Management Company


Misty holds many unique certifications in the field of Social Media Marketing and an expert in the website building program of WordPress.She has put dozens upon dozens of small businesses on track to managing the content and presentation of their website and social media presence in both brick and mortar businesses and E-commerce sites.

Misty is a Google-certified trainer and teaches a variety of classes.  She also presents regular courses, live and in person, from  Clackamas to Clatsop, Klamath Falls to Brookings and elsewhere throughout the state of Oregon.

Some have said that Misty may very well be the most certified Social Media trainer west of the Rockies and always brings humor and a straightforward wit to her classes and training sessions, making learning much less of a chore.

Misty also owns Webfoot Marketing and Design, where she works with non-profits and small businesses to enhance their online presence. Hippie Goats is another business venture Misty has started renting goats. Misty is also working on a new start-up non-profit TuTu Chickens to provide scholarships to girls going into agriculture fields.

Misty has two children and resides in Eddyville, Oregon on an involuntary Animal Rescue Facility at her small farm currently occupied by about 80 Chickens of questionable heritage, 5 goats, 5 dogs, a couple of cats and a half-blind Llama named Buddy.