Misty is an excellent teacher and has so much knowledge to share. She works hard bringing technology to all areas of Oregon. We are very fortunate to have such a helpful gal working for the OCCC.  K.Myers – FACETS 

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Do you have a Facebook business page? Have you noticed a drop in the engagement of fans and organic reach of your content? If you feel like you are talking to an empty vacuum in cyberspace, you’re not alone. With the constant changes in Facebook algorithms, attracting, keeping and engaging fans on a business page is a constant struggle – one that can be time-consuming and expensive. This workshop will cover some of the methods and strategies big businesses are using on Facebook. We will cover time-saving tips and tricks, as well has how to generate reasons for engagement, and even how to reward customers who engage with and share your content. Learn how to provide content that is valuable and builds customer relationships, and how to be heard above the noise, without spending 24 hours a day (not to mention all of your money) doing it.


Do you own or manage a local restaurant, service business or retail store, and struggle with not being found accurately on online maps or search engines? Is your location, phone number and/or contact information wrong in Google? While no one can guarantee your placement on Google, there are things you can do to improve your ranking on Google search results. This course will cover many of the challenges businesses face with Google search and maps.

  • How to submit your business to Google
  • How to make updates and suggested changes to a business listing
  • How to avoid Google-placement scams
  • How to update your business information online
  • How to embed a Google map on your site
  • How to encourage reviews
  • How to work with Google+ and Google My Business
  • What to do if you don’t get mail at your business location, or if you run a home-based business


Did you pay a lot for a website and still can’t be found on a Google search? Do you know how much traffic your website is getting? Where is that traffic coming from? What search words do people use to find your services? Google Analytics is a free, powerful, independent tool that can provide you with real answers to how and when visitors are finding your website, and what type of users visit the site, and your social media platforms.  Prerequisite: A website with Google Analytics, and access to your report with at least 30 days of traffic – students unsure of how to load Google Analytics on their site should contact the instructor prior to class. To do so, simply call 541-994-4166.

This class will cover:

  • How to read your Google Analytics report
  • How to evaluate what different reports mean
  • How to filter out spam traffic from the report
  • How this information can be used to improve your website
  • Learn which pages on your site generate the most visits
  • Understand bounce rate, and how it affects your ranking in Google
  • What search terms are sending clients to your page
  • How to block foreign traffic from your site

While no one can guarantee Google placement, knowing and understanding your website traffic and the behavior of those clients that are actively using your site can help you improve your results and, ultimately, grow your sales online and in-person.


WordPress is a powerful and versatile platform for blogs and websites used by millions of small businesses and non-profits. One of the advantages is the ability to maintain and update the site yourself without special software or any knowledge of Html coding.  Even if an outside vendor built your website, this class is designed to help office staff, volunteers or business owners make updates and improvements to their website themselves when necessary. The prerequisite for this class is a WordPress website and login information.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Adding and deleting images
  • Updating and creating pages and blog posts
  • Changing themes, layouts, and sidebars
  • Improving searches
  • Adding plugins and special features like shopping carts, event calendars and galleries
  • Updating software and plugins
  • Creating a usable backup


Is it time to update your website or start your first website? Whether you’re going to hire someone to build a website for you, or if you plan to tackle the project yourself, this class will cover the essential steps to make your website a success. Topics will include:

  • Picking the right domain name
  • How website content has a direct role in your Google placement
  • How search engines will index your site
  • How to build a design that will help make selling easier
  • How to encourage visitors to stay on your website – renounce the bounce!
  • How to measure the success of your website – is all your work really paying off?
  • The pros and cons of the many do-it-yourself website platforms
  • Asking the right questions when talking to a professional