It time to inspire with your website

NAVIGATION THAT IS SIMPLE When current and prospective customers land on your small business website, you want them to be able to find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible. That means you’re navigation needs to be clear and concise. ADD A CALL-TO-ACTION You want to have multiple calls to action. Calls to action are one of the most important elements of your small business website. As the name implies, they help prompt your visitors to take actionLearn More

Nonprofit support for your website

A professionally built website for your nonprofit can emphasize your efforts, which results in more awareness, more support, and more donations from your audience. Why is WordPress good for a nonprofit website? WordPress is a system that lets you create pages or posts without having to learn all that complicated HTML code. WordPress is open-source software that doesn’t cost anything to download, install, and use. WordPress can extend the functionality to make it an extremely advanced site that does all sorts ofLearn More

protect your non-profit online access

This is a very important video to watch, if you are a non-profit or small business owner. This happens all the time recently a local non-profit lost access to everything from emails, donations, and even a google voice number. Something they never dreamed would happen and happened at a very difficult time of dealing with the loss of a board member and a high donation season. Please share this and take it serious. #nonprofits #websitehosting #smallbusiness Recovering access: More

Misty Lambrecht Website development

I have been taking a very good class. We have been working on value proposition for my business. I offer a full range of web design and development services. I build beautiful custom websites that look great and work smoothly on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. I provide personalized attention to create a website with your vision and values in the forefront. During our design process I focus on the searchability and user experience that drives customers to your business.Learn More

WordPress Vs Google

WordPress vs Google Sites: Who Are They For? WordPress is for everyone. Really. It has elements that work for just about everybody with every kind of site. If you need an event site, there are plugins that help you run it. If you want a blog site, that’s what the platform is based on. Ecommerce? WooCommerce has you covered. As the platform has evolved into a full content management system, so too has the demographic the software can appeal to.Learn More