This video covers adding some basic security to your WordPress website. this plugin allows for changes to the htaccess file which will help protect against hackers. This is not 100% fool proof and I recommend backup your site and keeping plugins, themes and software updated.Learn More

Adding users to your WordPress site can let others help you manage content without giving out your password. I recommend that you have more than one user with admin access to any WordPress website. This will protect you in the event you lose access are unable to access the email address with the password reset.Learn More

Adding and editing the sidebar or widget area of a wordpress website is covered in this video the actions are the same, however different themes have options for different for widget areas some have footer areas, and others have different options for sidebars. See the widget area of your theme to determine what areas you can edit with through the widget area.Learn More

The Lesson of Too Many Customers: Most of my clients want customers, lots of customers, as many customers as they can get. The truth is; I don’t really need that many customers and sometimes too many customers become overwhelming.  When they do and you’re not able to provide for the customers, they begin to look around and find that the grass really is greener somewhere else and move on. I have always liked goats and now that I have enoughLearn More

Life and Business Lessons From The Farm Recently I had a skunk move into my garage so I read up on how to dispose of a skunk and was informed that one approach was to play loud music and the skunk will go on its own.  After about a week of very loud music in my garage, I thought the skunk was gone, after all how much Hard Rock could anything, anyone take?. Only to find out it had justLearn More