Why Hire Us


  1. Webfoot Marketing  and Design has designed both small and very large sites for over 10 year
  2. Webfoot Marketing and Design can train your staff and provide long term support
  3. Webfoot Marketing and Design can design a site that will grow with your company
  4. Webfoot Marketing and Design in an Oregon based business and our support is locally based
  5. WordPress designers will create a custom professional design unique to your business which will give you a significant advantage over the rest of websites on the Internet;
  6. WordPress design gives your targeted audiences the right impression;
  7. Websites are easy to use and navigate; visitors don’t leave such websites;
  8. good search engine optimization is built-in code, structure, and content of the site;
  9. consistency of all elements throughout the site; the entire style of the site is relevant to your business industry and brand.
  10. RESPONSIVE – MOBILE READY DESIGN: your website will adapt to any screen size and resolution so your WordPress website design will have the same look and functionality on any device, laptop desktop…
    WordPress maintenance and management services. We will make sure your website, design, and plugins are always updated to the latest WordPress and plugins versions and that all elements of your website are running properly after the update.

WordPress a very stable, extensible and robust choice for website development with its community of hundreds of developers and literally thousands of plugins to enhance and add functionality. Whether you intend to keep up with your website content updates and changes or have us do it for you, WordPress is the perfect choice for an easy to use and maintain Content Management System.

When you get to know more about WordPress platform you will clearly see why there are millions of websites that are built with WordPress and how it can help get the search engine ranking your business website deserves.

Social Media Training

Your knowledge on social media is so incredibly vast and the outgoing and comprehensible way you present is unsurpassed. Can’t wait to have you back!
Diane M. Mahoney


We Help Make Social Media Simple!


Individualized Training

We offer one-time or ongoing private training sessions for 1-2 people to work on specific technical and strategic social media goals related to the particular business or organization.



One time Technical and/or Strategic Social Media Workshops for groups of 3 or more people. It can be organized through a single business/organization or as a collaboration for businesses/organizations in the same industry.


 We Create Workshops for  Your Needs!


We offer provides social media marketing solutions that include complete profile setup and management.



Adding and editing pages and post

This video covers adding pages and posts to WordPress. It covers adding a blog to the site and making it different from the home page, setting your home page and adding an image and simple gallery. Please note that it does not deal with page builders. Also, there might be some slight differences with a different theme but the concept is pretty universal.

A note on page builders, I am not a big fan and find page builder hard to use for beginners. When I find a page builder that I really love I will post a video on that topic.