This is a very important video to watch, if you are a non-profit or small business owner. This happens all the time recently a local non-profit lost access to everything from emails, donations, and even a google voice number. Something they never dreamed would happen and happened at a very difficult time of dealing with the loss of a board member and a high donation season. Please share this and take it serious. #nonprofits #websitehosting #smallbusiness Recovering access: More

I have been taking a very good class. We have been working on value proposition for my business. I offer a full range of web design and development services. I build beautiful custom websites that look great and work smoothly on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. I provide personalized attention to create a website with your vision and values in the forefront. During our design process I focus on the searchability and user experience that drives customers to your business.Learn More

WordPress vs Google Sites: Who Are They For? WordPress is for everyone. Really. It has elements that work for just about everybody with every kind of site. If you need an event site, there are plugins that help you run it. If you want a blog site, that’s what the platform is based on. Ecommerce? WooCommerce has you covered. As the platform has evolved into a full content management system, so too has the demographic the software can appeal to.Learn More

Don’t we all want to be on Google’s first page? Maybe even the first place? There probably isn’t a website owner out there who doesn’t dream of it. Simple step might help you get your site on Google.  Invest in a Good Hosting Provider Fill Your Site with High-Quality Content  Disable “Discourage Search Engines” in WordPress located in Settings under Reading menu Share Your Site Online use Social Media sites including Facebook Groups, Nextdoor, Linkedin and local chamber websites, industry linksLearn More

WooCommerce is self-hosted. That means your store’s files are located on your own server and you’re free to modify everything on your store as you see fit. WooCommerce’s flexibility is also evident when it comes to things like product variations. With WooCommerce, there’s no hard limit on the number of product variations that you can use, while Shopify puts a hard cap of 100 variants per product and 3 total options per product no matter which Shopify plan you’re on. With WooCommerce you own everything. That means,Learn More