Gusto is a full-service payroll software solution that allows you to manage (and even automate) all the parts of your payroll service, including payroll tax

What is Gusto Payroll?

Gusto is a dream come true for small business owners looking to handle payroll without headaches. At Accounting prose, we’re inordinately experienced with the major payroll services: ADP, Paychex, Intuit Online Payroll, and Gusto. After using them all, we are so gung-ho for Gusto that we have formalized a symbiotic partnership with them as our primary payroll software provider. With their cloud-based payroll software platform, our customers can not only setup and process payroll for their entire workforce (1099 or W2) online, they can also complete nearly every other payroll task with astonishing ease. Gusto stores digital forms, pay stubs, and other relevant information about your employees, contractors, and business. It can even automatically file and pay your payroll taxes! This is just a teensy taste of the powerful magic Gusto provides. Gusto’s most compelling features are all super easy to use and cleanly designed with the small business user in mind.

Services offered

  •  Full-service payroll across 1 State
  • Employee self service and profiles
  •  Workers’ comp administration
  •  2-day direct deposit 
  • Paid-time-off policies 
  • Best-in-class support Employee onboarding tools 
  • Accounting and time tracking integrations Payroll on Autopilot®
  •  Health insurance administration
  •  Employee access to Gusto Wallet 
  • Employee offers and document management