Our Policy

Rules and Policy

  1. We do not build or host sexually-oriented, dating or otherwise deemed adult Websites, nor do we allow clients to store sexually-oriented material on our server.
  2. We do not build Websites for companies located outside of the United States unless the owner and the main offices of that company reside within the United States.
  3. We require a 50% down payment on all Website projects prior to any site-building or domain purchases to begin.
  4. Down payments are not refundable after ten days.
  5. If you are selling a product or advertising yourself as a business you must have a registered business name. In Oregon, you may visit the following Website to register your business name   http://egov.sos.state.or.us/br/pkg_web_name_srch_inq.login
  6. If you are asking for donations for a non-profit, you must be registered as such and following the guidelines for the state in which the non-profit is registered. In the state of Oregon, that website database is http://www.doj.state.or.us/charigroup/index.shtml
  7. Webfoot Marketing reserves the right to remove your website at any time from our server should you violate State Law, engage in sexually oriented data exchange including the email of child pornography, develop viruses or upload any harmful files to our server. No refund of hosting will be given if your site is removed for any of these violations.
  8. Email accounts will be removed for unsolicited spam email practices.
  9. No Website hosted by Webfoot Marketing and Design is allowed to collect credit card information or sell items directly within the site without the purchase of an SSL Certificate.
  10. All Websites hosted on the server are subject to approval and will be reviewed for content. Any copyrighted information posted without the permission of its owner in writing on file at the Webfoot Marketing and Design office will be removed from the site containing it.
  11. We make every effort to keep all sites up and running at all times but cannot guarantee against unforeseen situations. We will work to resolve any outages as quickly as possible.