Social Media Consulting

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You have a firm grasp on what your business objectives are and how to attain them, at least you thought you did until you found out that your website is down or outdated, you have no Facebook or Twitter?. As Social Media Consultants, we help organizations improve their online performance and the development of strategies for improvements that puts money in your pocket or people at your event or promoters of your cause.

Misty’s consulting practice offers expert advice to business owners who are looking to improve the performance or establishment of their website or Social Media presence. She keeps up with the latest tweaks and can tell you what The Experts Have To Say  about the results of Social Media Consulting!

We are here to help you turn those clicks on your website into real customers and not just a number. We will help you get more Fans on Facebook, more Followers on Twitter that will be the “word of mouth” reputation that you strive for, pushing your exposure to higher and higher levels. 
One on one appointments and online sessions help you get results fast, faster than you ever thought possible. Give Webfoot a call and see what Misty can do to help you reach those goals!

Phone Consultations – These can be used to discuss your marketing and/or Social Media Marketing strategies, blogging efforts, whatever you want.  These can also be purchased in bulk, for example 4 weekly calls for a month.  A discount will be given for multiple calls purchased, please email me for details.

30-minute Phone Consultation – $40.00

60-minute Phone Consultation – $60.00