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We offer Facebook Marketing Classes at your place or we can arrange a comfortable and convenient location near you.  Facebook is the number-one social networking site in the Nation and probably the entire planet, with a massive number of daily users and you can have your fair share! Facebook Marketing allows businesses to create Fan Pages and use banners to set up advertisements in order to market their organizations and interact with consumers that has the potential to slash your advertisement expenses and attract more customers to your Website. Facebook ads is the way to do it by allowing you to reach a large number of potential customers, or to specifically target demographics of your choice. You will learn how to reach your ideal audience and grow your business online with the help of Facebook.

What Are Facebook Custom Audiences?

Have you been building an email list away from Facebook?  You likely use MailChimp or another similar tool to do this but not all of these people will “Like” your Facebook Page.

You can now export that email list into a one column CSV file and upload it into a Custom Audience within Power Editor. Then, Facebook will match up the email addresses with current Facebook users to serve your ads to only those people you want to target. This will allow you to stretch your advertising budget like never before!

How to Create a Facebook Custom Audience?

First, you need to use Power Editor, a Chrome plugin, or a third party application that utilizes the Facebook advertising API. If you don’t know what most, or any, of those things are, then you need to talk to me about Facebook Marketing – Advanced As quick as you can.

What do national Business Publications have to say about Facebook Marketing?

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Some of the secrets you can learn:

● What is Power Editor?
● Why You Should Use It
● Exploring Ad Types
● Maximizing Placements
● Targeting Precise Interests