We offer assistance with competitive pricing and extensive experience in creating successful campaign websites. The success of Oregon candidates and ballot measures can be significantly influenced by the online presence of the candidates themselves. Collaborate with a local campaign website designer who possesses a wealth of expertise.

Steps for Building an Effective Campaign Website:

  1. Determine Your Primary Website Objective: Clearly define the main goal of your website.
  2. Selecting a Domain Name: Choose a relevant and memorable domain name.
  3. Choosing a Skin/Theme/Template: Pick a design theme that aligns with your campaign’s message and style.
  4. Setting Up Key Elements:
    • Craft a compelling ‘About’ section for the candidate.
    • Create a Donation page:
      • Consider the prominence of the ‘Donate’ button.
      • Explore standard donation options.
      • Decide if you want a full-width donation page.
    • Develop a volunteer recruitment form.
    • Establish a communication/email sign-up form.
    • Showcase the party/candidate stance on important issues.
    • Include links to social media pages.
  5. Maintain Campaign Momentum: Regularly update your website to keep your audience informed and engaged.