Making a Good Campaign Website

We can help with affordable pricing and experience in successful campaign websites. Oregon Candidates and Ballot measures success can de directly impacted by the online presence of candidates. Work with a local campaign website designer with experiences.

Step for good campaign website

  • Step 1. What is your primary website objective?
  • Step 2. Choosing a domain name
  • Step 3. Picking the skin’/theme/template
  • Step 4. Get the key elements in place
    • 1. The ‘About’ section of the candidate:
    • 2. The Donation page
      • How prominently do you want the ‘Donate’ button to be?
      • Do you want to consider standard donation options? 
      • Would you like a full-width donation page? 
    • 3.The volunteer recruitment form
    • 4.Communication/email sign-up form
    • 5. Party/candidate stance on issues
    • 6. Links to social media pages
  • Step 5. Keep up with the campaign