We can help with affordable pricing and experience in successful campaign websites. Oregon Candidates and Ballot measures success can de directly impacted by the online presence of candidates. Work with a local campaign website designer with experiences.

Step for good campaign website

  • Step 1. What is your primary website objective?
  • Step 2. Choosing a domain name
  • Step 3. Picking the skin’/theme/template
  • Step 4. Get the key elements in place
    • 1. The ‘About’ section of the candidate:
    • 2. The Donation page
      • How prominently do you want the ‘Donate’ button to be?
      • Do you want to consider standard donation options? 
      • Would you like a full-width donation page? 
    • 3.The volunteer recruitment form
    • 4.Communication/email sign-up form
    • 5. Party/candidate stance on issues
    • 6. Links to social media pages
  • Step 5. Keep up with the campaign