How often should I update my website content? When I talk with small business owners or look at their websites, one of the frequently-asked questions  is how often should you update your website content.    The short answer  is “as often as there is anything worth updating!”   Website maintenance is about more than just your “news and events” page.  Let’s face it – when you run a business, you have news.  You have: new products, staff changes, announcements, policyLearn More

Google is trying to give more semantic search results so that the intent behind any given search query is met with results that match that intent and ultimately provide users with a better experience. For example, if I were to search for ‘’how do I install blue widgets in my house’’, Google would return a set of results that maybe included the words ‘’install’’, ‘’blue widgets’’ & ‘’house’’. As a text reader, Google could return any number of pages that containLearn More

Call Misty Lambrecht 541-961-1889 She is an expert in developing online marketing strategies with small businesses and non-profit organizations to enhance their online presence. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and accessible.Learn More