Misty Lambrecht is a passionate Social Media Trainer, and keynote speaker who delivers customized presentations tailored to your specific needs and audience.

Misty specializes in delivering custom presentations tailored to your specific needs and audience. Contact her today to and book your special training

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Social Media Training

social media workshops presented by Misty Lambrecht

Our social media training provides an in-depth understanding of the entire social media ecosystem. The discussions demonstrate how to utilize social media and drive meaningful revenue with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more

Misty’s  social media workshops, provide practical, real-world insights and time-tested techniques and strategies. They cover the basics of all social media channels, social selling and social branding as well as the advanced stages of social media monitoring and insight. These also identify the social media tools and technology that can manage and measure success.

Misty Lambrecht is  an experienced Social Media Marketer and keynote speaker on Social Media Marketing, and knows exactly what is working right now in the world of social media marketing.

Corporate Social Media Training

As a Social Media trainer, Misty Lambrecht offers s various social media marketing workshop opportunities in which to gain deeper understandings of the specific social networks as well as actionable plans when launching new online initiatives.


Are you ready to create your business page on Facebook, or to begin advertising the page you already have? This is the place to start. Learn how to schedule your posts to save time and be more deliberate in executing your content strategy.


Designed for business owners with established accounts on Facebook, this course will delve deep into powerful new paid (and free) advertising opportunities, including an in-depth look at Facebook’s remarkable new Power Editor tool, which affords advertisers new ways to target advertising.


Are you using the right social media tools for your business? There are many platforms, and each one works differently. Each can provide different results for different types of businesses. They also have different tools, strategies, clients and markets. How can a small business keep up, and find the time to manage their social media effectively – while also having enough time to, you know, run their business? This class will cover the many changes, updates and functionality of each platform, and how to determine which may work best for your particular business. Even in a world of mass marketing and noise, proper use of social media can help you talk directly to clients when they are in the market for your product. This class will highlight changes in social media platforms like:

• Facebook’s Instant Articles
• Facebook target marketing
• Instagram contests
• Twitter and Twitter leads
• LinkedIn: Marketing, groups, jobs and business pages
• Facebook Live and video strategies