“Last Saturday I attended a seminar with Misty Lambrecht as the presenter. The
class was titled “Make Search Engines Love Your Website.”
Misty was well organized and presented a lot of new and help-full information that I know will help my business grow.
This class needs to be attended by any business person that wants to truly
understand how people are using the internet to to find them.”

Tim Chapman D.M.D. Bravo Smile



Did you pay a lot for a website and still can’t be found on a Google search? Do you know how much traffic your website is getting? Where is that traffic coming from? What search words do people use to find your services? Google Analytics is a free, powerful, independent tool that can provide you with real answers to how and when visitors are finding your website, and what type of users visit the site, and your social media platforms.  Prerequisite: A website with Google Analytics and access to your report with at least 30 days of traffic – students unsure of how to load Google Analytics on their site should contact the instructor prior to class. To do so, simply call 541-994-4166.

This class will cover:

  • How to read your Google Analytics report
  • How to evaluate what different reports mean
  • How to filter out spam traffic from the report
  • How this information can be used to improve your website
  • Learn which pages on your site generate the most visits
  • Understand bounce rate, and how it affects your ranking in Google
  • What search terms are sending clients to your page
  • How to block foreign traffic from your site

While no one can guarantee Google placement, knowing and understanding your website traffic and the behavior of those clients that are actively using your site can help you improve your results and, ultimately, grow your sales online and in-person.


Google Analytics Fundamentals

Learn how to use Analytics to really analyze, not just report. We’ll cover how to set up goals, track conversions, create reports and more. This training will explore features like data comparisons, annotations, secondary dimensions, filters, and links. You’ll leave knowing how to drill deeper into your data to get valuable marketing insights. Learn How to get ROI from your analytics. You spend a lot of time on your website – let this class teach you:

  1. How to Setup Google Analytics
  2. Acquisition Reports
  3. Conversion Reports
  4. Using the data to improve your website