WooCommerce For Your Store?

WooCommerce is self-hosted. That means your store’s files are located on your own server and you’re free to modify everything on your store as you see fit.

WooCommerce’s flexibility is also evident when it comes to things like product variations. With WooCommerce, there’s no hard limit on the number of product variations that you can use, while Shopify puts a hard cap of 100 variants per product and 3 total options per product no matter which Shopify plan you’re on.

With WooCommerce you own everything. That means, if needed, you can even dig into your database and access the raw data.

WooCommerce Customize

With WooCommerce, you have a few ways to customize your store’s functionality:

  • Your theme
  • The 50,000+ WordPress plugins, including plugins and extensions that are specifically designed for WooCommerce
  • Custom code (one of the benefits of a self-hosted solution)

Webfoot Marketing and Design help design and customize WooCommerce

Training videos on using WooCommerce