Why WordPress a Great Platform for Nonprofit

A professionally built website for your nonprofit can emphasize your efforts, which results in more awareness, more support, and more donations from your audience. Why is WordPress good for a nonprofit website?

WordPress is a system that lets you create pages or posts without having to learn all that complicated HTML code. WordPress is open-source software that doesn’t cost anything to download, install, and use. WordPress can extend the functionality to make it an extremely advanced site that does all sorts of cool things.

There are over 54,000 mostly free plugins available to WordPress users. These plugins allow you to customize and enhance any WordPress site. If you need to make specific changes to the functionality on your site, chances are there is a plugin to do just that. 

The importance of SEO best practices are at an all time high. WordPress does a good job of promoting these best practices. There are many SEO plugins available to help optimize content, meta tags, keyword focus and much more!


  • Better customization options.
  • A search engine friendly system.
  • Website adaptability 
  • Easy to learn the environment for updates and self management
  • Better control over the content handled, unlike usual content limitations in other publishing platforms.