5 Key Benefits of Building Your Website in WordPress

Many business owners hesitate to launch a website because of the high cost of having someone design, build, and maintain a website. We help businesses build their own websites using WordPress. Aside from saving them thousands of dollars, how can businesses benefit from building their sites in WordPress? Is it

Launching a website can be a daunting task for business owners due to the high cost of hiring professionals to design, build, and maintain the site. However, our services offer an affordable solution by assisting businesses in building their websites with WordPress. In addition to cost savings, there are numerous benefits to building a site in WordPress.

During my conversations with businesses, I’ve noticed that they generally fall into two categories: those without a website who are unsure of the cost and whom to trust, and those who already have a website but find it ineffective and costly to maintain. These businesses struggle to update their site and often have to pay someone for every change they want to make, even if it’s a small one.

Overall, WordPress offers five key benefits to businesses who use it for their website:

  1. Themes: There are thousands of themes available for WordPress, allowing businesses to change the design of their website quickly and easily.
  2. Plugins: With over 10,000 plugins available, businesses can extend the functionality of their WordPress site without any programming knowledge. These plugins allow businesses to add features such as social media sharing, SEO, photo slideshows, and more.
  3. Easy Updates: WordPress sites are straightforward to update, and businesses can publish new content as easily as creating a Word document. This ability to update content regularly is crucial for engagement with visitors and search engines.
  4. Google’s Favor: Google favors WordPress sites because they are updated frequently and structured well. This means businesses can achieve a high search engine ranking more quickly with a WordPress site compared to a static website. Google even recommends WordPress for business sites.
  5. Engaged Community: WordPress is supported by a thriving and engaged community, with approximately 8% of all websites on the internet being run by WordPress. This support offers businesses access to a wealth of knowledge and resource.