Google Hummingbird

Google is trying to give more semantic search results so that the intent behind any given search query is met with results that match that intent and ultimately provide users with a better experience.

For example, if I were to search for ‘’how do I install blue widgets in my house’’, Google would return a set of results that maybe included the words ‘’install’’, ‘’blue widgets’’ & ‘’house’’.

As a text reader, Google could return any number of pages that contain these phrases but do not necessarily relate to the actual query ‘’how do I install blue widgets in my house’’.

With Hummingbird, Google will be placing greater emphasis on the other words in the search query such as ‘’how do I’’ and ‘’my house’’.

Rather than just matching individual words and phrases to the pages in Google’s index, it is looking at all the words in the query and the relationship between each to understand the intent behind the query more. This in turn should lead to users finding the specific results they need for their query.


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