Google Sites vs WordPress, understanding the difference

WordPress vs Google Sites: Who Are They For?

WordPress is for everyone. Really. It has elements that work for just about everybody with every kind of site. If you need an event site, there are plugins that help you run it. If you want a blog site, that’s what the platform is based on. Ecommerce? WooCommerce has you covered. As the platform has evolved into a full content management system, so too has the demographic the software can appeal to. You can run simple, single-page websites as well as major sites with hundreds/thousands of pages that get millions of hits. It scales well, too.

Google Sites, too, is aimed at everyone simply by the fact that it’s an included part of the Google family of apps. However, rather than being aimed at everyone for everything, it’s aimed at everyone who needs a simple website for anything at all. When you set things up initially, you will choose a template and type of site (or a blank one), which then turns into a simple front-end page builder where you enter your own information.

The customization and flexibility in Google Sites vs that from WordPress isn’t great. However, the simplicity and lightweight efficiency that comes from the service makes it a great option for anyone who needs a one-off website or a simple, static web presence.

Google Sites vs WordPress

While Google Sites and WordPress both have the same goal – to help you build a good-looking, functional website  WordPress Offers over 250 Themes and Google Sites provides only 13 templates, WordPress offers you a much more customizable and less cookie cutter website.

Google Sites Editor Is Simple, but WordPress Offers More Features, many of these features are free or low cost. Woocommerce is a powerful ecommerce solution. WooCommerce comes bundled with the ability to accept major credit cards, bank transfers (BACS), checks, and cash on delivery. the WooCommerce dashboard is a familiar interface for store managers to update products and fulfill orders. Save time with automated tax calculations, live shipping rates from leading carriers, options to print labels at home, and the mobile app for iOS and Android. Other features include event calendar, subscription based content, photo galleries, chat options, and so much more

WordPress was designed to be easy to use, provided you know a thing or two about running a website. If you have no prior web design knowledge, you’ll find customization to be pretty complex. I offer affordable custom designs and and training so you can edit your custom designed website.

Google Sites Has a Help Center, but No Other Types of Support. I offer real human support by a person you know and trust , not a call center with a different person every time. I offer a personal relationship for your support team.

Google Sites Is Free, but WordPress Offers More Options, Unfortunately, free isn’t always as awesome as it sounds. If you are ready to grow your business let us help you with an affordable solution that will offer you all the features you need not the limits you don’t need.

Notes: I do not build Google Sites or provide support for Google Sites but will help you move your site to WordPress