WordPress Website development

Your WordPress Website and Google Search

Don’t we all want to be on Google’s first page? Maybe even the first place? There probably isn’t a website owner out there who doesn’t dream of it.

Simple step might help you get your site on Google. 

  1. Invest in a Good Hosting Provider
  2. Fill Your Site with High-Quality Content 
  3. Disable “Discourage Search Engines” in WordPress located in Settings under Reading menu
  4. Share Your Site Online use Social Media sites including Facebook Groups, Nextdoor, Linkedin and local chamber websites, industry links and partners
  5. Sign Up for Google Analytics and read the report so you know how the site is preforming
  6. Create a Sitemap
  7. Submit Your Site to Google to be Crawled
  8. Check for Crawl Errors with Google Search Console
  9. Check .htaccess and using proper WordPress Security tools
  10. Check Meta Tags make sure your description and titles are loaded correctly and different on each page

Why WordPress Is the Best CMS for SEO

  • WordPress Focuses on User Experience
  • WordPress’s themes and plugins work together to make websites professional, user-friendly, and attractive
  • WordPress Allows You to Create Attractive Permalinks
  • WordPress Makes Metadata Easy to Manage :SEO titles and metadata improves how search engines interpret the relevance of your site.
  • Optimizing Images for SEO Is Simple on WordPress: Images are essential to your blog posts. One or two of them, used in a timely way, breaks up your blog into interesting, readable sections
  • WordPress’s Sites Don’t Frustrate Users with Slow Load Time
  • WordPress Is Optimized for Mobile Users
  • WordPress Helps You Integrate Your Campaign with Social Media
  • WordPress Has Awesome Plugins Made Specifically for SEO: Yoast SEO has had millions of downloads worldwide because it makes website optimization simple for even the least tech-savvy person on the planet.
  • Google XML Site Maps: With this plugin, creating complex XML site maps becomes simple. These maps make your site’s structure easy for search engine crawlers to understand.
  • WordPress Is Easy to Integrate with Other Software Tools
  • WordPress Has SEO-Friendly Themes

When you use WordPress, you never have to worry about optimizing your site design for SEO yourself. Webfoot Marketing and Design is here to help you with the details and tools to make your site searchable