Why choose WordPress over Wix

Themes & Templates i.e. Design

When it comes to create a Business website, look and feel of the website becomes utmost importance. People visiting your website will imagine your company’s image based on the look and feel of your website. It is quite similar to the brick and mortar model of business. If your office/shop looks posh, there are more chances that visitors take your product or service.

Both Wix and WordPress offer great templates and options to customize the designs. Let’s see a comparison in their designs and layout modeling. The number of templates available for WordPress is way higher than the templates available for Wix. Also, the level of customization you can do in WordPress themes is very high.

Overall flexibility is one point where we need to think before deciding between WordPress and Wix. Let’s get into it.

WordPress – On this point of flexibility WordPress is on the very top of Wix. WordPress is an Open source software. its source code is openly available and you can make as many customizations as your coding knowledge allows without any restrictions whatsoever. You can add any functional or design related stuff to it. IF today you made a simple informative site, tomorrow you can easily upgrade it to a functional website.

Wix –  Wix is a proprietary software and its source code is not available publicly. You can edit it or customize it up to a certain level only by using the options provided in their panel. If you want to change anything for which an option is not available in the panel then it a full stop. You can’t do anything about it.