WordPress website development

Why we choose WORDPRESS over other platforms?

WordPress is one of the most accessible web site development platforms out there. And it has some impressive credentials – There are an estimated 64 million websites currently using WordPress. Over 400 million people visit WordPress websites every month.

Why WordPress Is The Best Choice

  • WordPress Is Open Source Software
  • WordPress Is Free
  • WordPress Has A Global Community Moving It Forward
  • WordPress Is SEO Friendly
  • WordPress Is Easy To Manage
  • WordPress Can Scale
  • WordPress Can Handle A Variety Of Media
  • WordPress Powers 32% Of All Websites.

Our top three reasons:

1.) WordPress has a development plugin library of more than 50,000 extensions and plugins that provide deep functionality on almost everything that you can think of

2.) WordPress has a development community of millions.

3.) As a small business owner, you can manage your own site, if you choose to Webfoot Marketing and Design will help you manage your website and provided training videos

Themes power the look and feel of WordPress sites

There are thousands of free and paid themes, or web site templates, that control the look and feel of your site. Like  Each site’s theme can be customized with colors, logos, pictures and other design elements to give your site a unique look and feel.

Extending WordPress

There are quite literally tens of thousands of extensions for WordPress. Most plugins are free, but like templates, quality varies a lot. A good plugin or extension has a lot of positive reviews, and probably is based on a freemium model – available free for basic features, but with an annual license for more advanced features. We have the experience to find the right extension to you to meet your needs

If you can imagine it, there is a plugin for it. We can help you source, select, install and configure these complex (or simple) plugins.

WordPress puts the power in your hands

You can update your own web site with confidence with WordPress. We offer a large selection of training videos. While other platforms require extensive knowledge to add features, WordPress’s easy to use interface makes it possible for clients to update their own sites – and this goes way beyond just updating your content. You can change themes, install plugins and extend your site with a few clicks and without programming or platform knowledge.

WordPress is easy to maintain

Unlike other web site platforms, with WordPress’s easy updates and plugins, you won’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per year to have your site maintained. Unlike other platforms, WordPress offers one-click or even automatic core updates, and one-click plugin updates. What does this mean? Software – including web based software – requires updating on a regular basis to plug security holes or improve functionality. . Before performing updates, it’s a good idea to either do a backup, or have a backup plugin running on your site, so if an update fails you can revert to a previous backup.

WordPress is flexible enough to manage the features you haven’t thought of yet

In short, WordPress is a platform that powers 25% of the world’s web sites for good reason. It’s flexible, well-maintained, with a powerhouse of development behind it. It’s a smart choice for savvy With some assistance from Webfoot Marketing and Design you can maintain your own site, putting the power of marketing at your fingertips.

Unlike more closed systems like SquareSpace, Big Commerce or Shopify, WordPress allows you to customize your site as your business grows. Want to add a subscription model? No problem! Want to manage a membership database? No problem there either. Adding these more complex features to your site are clicks away.