The Lesson of Too Many Customers: Most of my clients want customers, lots of customers, as many customers as they can get. The truth is; I don’t really need that many customers and sometimes too many customers become overwhelming.  When they do and you’re not able to provide for theContinue Reading

The video is based on “the event calendar” plugin of wordpress, This plugin includes link mall and adding events to google calendar for the end user. it is also easy to add uncoming events to a sdie panel widget covered in the Widget videoContinue Reading

This video covers adding a product to the woo commerce shopping cart plugin on wordpress, It includes adding categories, variable products, sizes, color options, and pricing, and inventory.Continue Reading

This video covers adding items to the widget area, social media Icons, contact information, event calendar, images with links and youtube video to the side panel of wordpress website. Recommended plugins are Image Widget, Social Media Widget and The Event CalendarContinue Reading